Reviews From our Satisfied Patients:

  • "Thus far, I'm very pleased with the care Dr. Kolenda has given me. I trust in his expertise & experience, and I expect to fully recover from my recent back injury. I believe he truly cares..."
    Robert M. Submitted 06/15/17
  • "I said it to him in person and I'll say it here again, Dr. Kolenda is the best chiropractor I've ever been to. His adjustments are unlike any I've ever gotten. And they're tailored to your specific needs. I always leave his office feeling like I've spent the day at a really expensive spa, ie super relaxed. He's great!"
    Lorena O. Submitted 04/05/17
  • "I had suffered for some weeks with serious discomfort in my neck. This got worse from time to time becoming very painful. I came in for a visit today, and got immediate and complete relief. I now have complete freedom of movement with no pain. I would recommend Dr. Kolenda to anyone, and have recommended him to every member of my family."
    James S. Submitted 03/27/17
  • "I have been treated by Dr. Kolenda for the past several years after moving full time to Austin. He has always been very thorough, meticulous, and professional with his treatment. Most importantly, he has kept me pain free with his excellent treatments. Highly recommended!"
    Johnny C. Submitted 02/16/17

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