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At Kolenda Chiropractic and Acupuncture, Dr. Thomas M. Kolenda serves the residents of Austin, Texas, and many nearby communities. The doctor and his staff offer nutritional counseling to all of his patients, including pregnant mothers and athletes.

Free Nutritional Assessment

Is Nutritional Counseling Needed During Pregnancy?

Nutritional counseling is essential during pregnancy. This is especially true if the mother has never had a child before. By providing nutritional counseling, they can teach the new mother the essentials of what is needed by the fetus during the gestation period. The mother will also learn what is necessary for her to fully recover after childbirth and physically prepare her for both the healing process and the lactation period. If the mother plans on breastfeeding her infant, it is important for her to know what foods are most beneficial and which ones may cause the newborn problems. Nutritional counseling ensures both mother and child are in the best of health both before and after the birth.

How can Athletes Benefit From Nutritional Counseling?

Athletes who participate in strenuous levels of activity on a regular basis have very unique nutritional needs. They require an abundance of calories, but also a massive amount of nutrients to help keep the body functioning at its best. Athletes who are required to lift weights will need additional protein added to their diet to ensure they have what they need to gain and maintain the muscle mass they require. Athletes like runners or basketball players will need more carbohydrates to sustain high-intensity energy levels for long periods of time. Nutritional counseling is geared to the individual, their body's needs, and the requirements of the sport they are participating in.

Can Nutritional Counseling Benefit Someone who is Recovering From an Injury or Illness?

Nutritional counseling is also needed to meet the unique needs of a person who is recovering from an illness or injury. The nutritional needs of each person will be different depending on the seriousness of their case. A person recovering from an injury will need nutrients geared toward strengthening the body and repairing the damage. Someone who has experienced a traumatic illness will nutrients to boost and support the immune system, as well as repair any damage that was caused while the illness was in full effect. As healing continues, the nutritional needs of the patient will change and can be altered accordingly.

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